Countyline Missionary Baptist Church History

The early beginning and organization of the Countyline Missionary Baptist Church has been given by honorable oral accounts only.  From testimonies given, it is believed that the church was organized in 1882.  Homestead Land Certificate and birth records of the early settlers were used as another source to establish the fact that groups of certain people were living in this area at that time.


In 1882, it is believed that three families left Pike County, namely Brundidge, Alabama by wagons coming to Geneva County, Slocomb, Alabama.  Aboard those wagons were: Shade and Adline, Alexander and Jane Johnson and Harriett and Robert Wadsworth.  The three wagons followed the trails by way of Ozark and Newton, proceeding into Geneva County.


The idea of having a church was developed among these settlers, especially Adline Adams, and the church would be called Countyline, after the name of their mother church left behind.  By “Gentlemen’s Agreement” the land was donated by Shade Adams from Land Grant Certificate #9148, Township 179, Range 25, East of Stephens Meridian.


The church was first established under a Brush Arbor.  There are no records of how long the Brush Arbor was used. The above information was dictated by Mrs. Agnes Windsor.


Picture of the first Countyline Missionary Baptist Church under a Brush Arbor

598 Countyline Drive • P.O. Box 757 • Slocomb, AL 36375

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